RollOut co-owner, August Bindbeutel, graduated in May 2021 with a degree in Engineering Management from Missouri University of Science and Technology with an emphasis in mechanical engineering. August oversees RollOut operations and customer service. He currently works for Darwin Chambers as a Project Manager in St. Louis, Missouri.


RollOut co-owner, Brandon Religa, graduated in May 2020 from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a degree in Engineering Management. Brandon focuses on RollOut marketing and finances. He currently works for Delta Air Lines as a business strategist in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Story

RollOut owners, August Bindbeutel and Brandon Religa, sought to create a durable recovery device that specialized in deep tissue massage. The product idea stemmed from a long list of tried recovery devices, none of which were durable enough over time. The current market lacked a product that could sustain the high pressure involved with deep tissue massage. Seeing this opportunity, ideas were combined and after spending great amounts of time between class, studying, and practice, RollOut was created.

Gone skating.

Why inline skate wheels?

With a passion for inline skating from a young age August. Over the years the wheels on his skates wore away and needed to be replaced. He saved all his old wheels because he knew there was just another use for them besides the landfill. For years this went on until he accumulated an entire shoe box full of wheels. The rollers he had previously bought all broke while being used for what they were designed for and that didn’t sit well with him. During his freshman year of college, he decided to make the very first prototype.